Our proposals for your vacation

If you plan to visit Egypt, we can help you to organize this. If you are interested, simply contact me. There are different possibilities:

by email: contact@pyramids.at,
or by this phone: +20 11 465 88 760,
or by this phone: +20 12 774 33 194,
or by using the contact formular.

Whatever you want — finding and booking a hotel, meeting at the airport with transport to the hotel, organization of trips to various places, from Alexandria to Luxor.

Visiting the pyramid sites

Of course, I would especially recommend you the pyramid sites presented here — Giza, Abusir, Saqqara, and Dahshur. Typically, we would meet you at your hotel, drive you from the hotel to the pyramid site, and after you have visited the pyramid site we would drive you back to your hotel. Here are our proposals for this:

Price list for travel to a pyramid site and back to the hotel.
pyramid site one person two persons three persons
Giza 100 E£ 150 E£ 200 E£
Abusir120 E£180 E£230 E£
Saqqara130 E£200 E£250 E£
Dahshur150 E£220 E£300 E£
This price includes travelling from your hotel somewhere in Cairo to the pyramid site in the morning and back to the hotel after the visit. This does not include entry fees by the government to the pyramid area itself (80 E£) and into some pyramids or temples at these sites.

For the actual exchange rates for the Egyptian pound (E£ or EGP) see, for example, this page. The last time I have checked 1 $ was 7.6 E£ and 1 € was 8.2 E£.

In principle it is possible (but I would not recommend it) to visit even two pyramid sites on one day. In this case, the price would be of course less than for the two tours separately.

Additional costs

But, careful, you should not forget that there are additional costs for the entry tickets, which have to be paid at the pyramid sites themself.

At Giza the simple entry ticket into the area is 100 E£. This does not include the entry into the pyramids themself, which are additional 200 E£ for the Cheops pyramid, 150 E£ for the Chephren pyramid and 80 E£ for the Menkaure pyramid.

In Saqqara you also have to pay 80 E£ for an entry ticket for the area.

In Giza, there are also additional costs for a local guide as well as for transport. Of course, one can go by foot without a guide, but in this case you have to spend a lot of time to say "no" to various proposals for these services. So, the best idea is to use a reasonable provider of these services. I will drive you to one such local provider.

Other proposals

We will help you to organize whatever else you like, in particular trips to other places in Egypt, say, to Alexandria or Luxor. We can meet you at the airport and drive you to your hotel, or bring you back from the hotel to the airport. I can also help you to book a hotel – from a five star top-hotel to a cheap hostel, whatever you like.

What I would recommend you is a safari in the white desert, an Egyptian national park full of phantastic chalk rock formations.