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The necropolis at Saqqara (Arabic: سقارة‎) is part of the World Heritage Site Nr. 68 "Memphis and its Necropolis – the Pyramid Fields from Giza to Dahshur", which contains also the pyramids of Giza, Abusir, and Dahshur.

On the left is the pyramid of Userkaf . In the center the stepped pyramid of Djoser , which is claimed (by ) to be the oldest complete stone building complex known in history. On the right side, between two pyramids of Dahshur visible dusty in the background, there is the pyramid of Unas . It is now ruined, and looks more like a small hill than a royal pyramid.
The Saqqara necropolis from googlemaps (with N at top as usual), and a map of "La necropole de Saqqarah" (with N at right) from Mariette 1889, p.608.